5 ways to finance college

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No money? No problem. Just because you didn’t get a scholarship or save thousands of dollars doesn’t mean you won’t be able to go to the college of your dreams. Even if you are starting college next year or next week there are so many ways for students to get financial aid, so don’t feel hopeless and even if you don’t know how to start or even where doesn’t mean they’re unattainable for you.


  1. Speak with your guidance counselor

Your high school guidance counselor can give you advice you may have not even thought of. If your guidance counselor knows you personally he or she might tell you the best option for your situation.

  1. Grants

The FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid awards students with grants depending on there economic needs and situation. In recent years students who went to public colleges received 5,000 from FASFA and those who went to private universities received an average of 16,000 per year in financial aid.

  1. Bargain with the college

Write a formal letter or you might just need to make a phone call emphasizing why they should have you in their college or even explaining your tight budget. A good idea is to bargain with your top college picks and see which one is willing to give you a sweeter deal.

  1. Don’t pack your luggage yet

Living at home will save you big money, undergraduates spend thousands of dollars annually just on room and board costs. If you have a tight budget try starting out in a community college, you can later transfer to a private college. You will save a lot from room costs and tuition.

  1. Loans 

You should only take loans when your other options don’t work out. If you want to receive a loan it should be from the federal government that usually charges a lower interest rates than independent loaners. To apply you will have to fill out the FAFSA, the money they will provide will mostly depend on your financial needs and income.





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