Common resume mistakes and how to avoid them

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If you fail to make a good resume, than you fail to land the job, it’s that simple. A well written resume will make the employer believe in you, so if you don’t want a less-than-exceptional resume to keep you from your dream job, learn about the most common mistakes you have made or can make while elaborating a resume and how to avoid them.

  1. Errors, errors and more errors

If you finished college or you’re almost graduating you think you would  know everything about grammar but these simple errors are more common than you think. You have to make sure that your resume is perfectly written, it would be quite embarrassing for an employer to conclude that you can’t even write or spell well. It would be helpful to have an expert double check your resume for errors that may have been unnoticed.

  1. Keywords

This isn’t like the old times, resumes are now entered into a computer and reviewed electronically before employers get their eyes on them. If you didn’t know you had to add certain keywords, you know now. If the resume is screened and it does not contain the keywords, it might not make it any further. To know which words you have to use, the answer is in the job description, if you still have no clue check to see which words are repeated frequently.

  1. Everything is important

Maybe you don’t want to go off topic in your resume, but mentioning small jobs you took in high school and what you gained from them like work ethic and responsibility are worth writing about.

  1. Be specific

You have to make clear what you have accomplished and the skills you’ve gained, instead of listing the jobs you’ve had, try being more specific with details. Describe the challenges you were put through, and describe how you faced the obstacles, brought solutions and how it made you into a better professional.

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