Follow these college application tips

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Applying for college is without a doubt a difficult process. Here are some tips that will make you stand out from all the other applicants:


  1. Timing is key

The earlier you apply the better. When the deadline comes admission committees have a hard time reading so many essays, a last minute application will severely affect your chances of being accepted. Mailing your application months before will really make you stand out, it will also show the interest you have in the college you’re applying for.

  1. Relax, don’t try to hard

Your writing doesn’t have to sound like something Shakespeare would say. Colleges are tired of those who try too hard to impress. Yes the charity work you did and gold metals you’ve won are important, but colleges are more interested in creativity and self awareness.

  1. Truth about community services

Community service is valuable don’t get me wrong, but colleges are more interested for people who have devoted most of their life to help others than someone who did volunteer work last summer.

  1. Leadership is important

If you have leadership qualities your application will certainly shine at the college admissions office. Don’t fear if you haven’t been elected as captain of a team or president of a club. If you’ve taught a subject to someone younger, volunteered as a mentor or counselor you will qualify as leader, leadership comes in many forms.

  1. Check your social media

You may be surprised to learn that admission officers check an applicants social media to learn about them. Colleges are very picky about this, they don’t want anyone to set a bad example on their campus. If you want to make a good impression than clean your feed and erase anything that could be inappropriate or embarrassing, you don’t want a picture or tweet to ruin your chance of getting into college.




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