GMAT test preparation tips

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If your plan is to be an MBA student and get into a superior business school, a good score on the GMAT won’t hurt. Although it is not the only requirement in the admissions process, a high score will really make you stand out and become a stronger candidate.


In order for you to succeed you need some time to prepare, we’re talking about a few months here. With that said, below are the top tips for passing the GMAT with an outstanding score.

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Consistency is key

You don’t necessarily have to know every single concept word by word neither do you need to know all the tricks, all you need to know is be quick in using them, and by this I mean having a good understanding of calculations in quant. To handle these skills try having quick and consistent daily training sessions rather than trying to learn everything in 2 days

Make a study journal

It’s hard to guess what questions will be on the GMAT. But a good method to rapidly learning various concepts is to keep a study journal and write down the hardest questions, the ones you can easily forget and try to study these in your daily training sessions

GMAT prep test results are not the same

There are prep GMAT tests available on the official GMAT website. These are an excellent way for you to check the test conditions. However you shouldn’t overestimate the results because they are not standard test results, so you should always try to beat your target score.

Don’t just foucs on your weaknesses

For you to reach success, you must first conquer your weaknesses. Although you shouldn’t only focus on this. A good option is for you to answer all levels of prep questions in every category daily. This way you can improve your weaknesses without forgetting your strengths

Aim higher on your GMAT Score

You don’t need to target 700+ GMAT points to put in your MBA application. If you reach 500 to 600 is pretty good, even though it will be better if you try to achieve higher during your preparation in order to be safe. So if you feel you know everything you have to know don’t trust your instinct, keep on learning.





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