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By graduating from college fast you can save a lot of time and money. If you graduate in three years instead of four years you will lower your student debt by saving money from tuition and you will be closer to stepping out to real world. By earning your diploma earlier you’ll have more time to start your business and be able to follow your dreams while your other classmates are still behind in college. Here are some ways you can trim down your college years as much as possible.


Take exams during high school to earn extra credit

For those that are already in college, this tip doesn’t apply, but if you’re still in high school you have several options to choose from, AP exams, DDST/Dante exams, and CLEP exams. All of these options will give you extra credit.

Take two courses instead of one

This will of course require more work, but if you are really dedicated and focused this will cute some serious time.

Year round schedule

 Spending your summer studying isn’t really ideal, but it will certainly give you some major credits and you will it put you closer to graduation day. A little sacrifice now will pay off in the future.

Take courses online

Although this option might not be available for everyone, many universities offer online courses or blended courses (part online and part classroom). Many people choose to study online because of its convenience and speed, you can study during summer vacations and winter breaks which will trim down time. Online students often finish faster than traditional students that have to attend classrooms.

Work and study

 Most schools offer extra credit to those students that do internships or take a job that has to do with their major. Speak with your school counselor to see how you can get started so you can get your degree faster.

Test your knowledge

If you feel you know enough about a certain subject, many colleges offer an exam called COLLEGE LEVEL EXAMINATION PROGRAM (CLEP), by proving your knowledge and passing you might be able to skip that subject and substitute it with another one.





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