Start working straight out of college

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Hunting for a job after graduation is stressful. The job market is highly competitive and making yourself marketable to employers can be quite a challenge. Luckily there are so many helpful resources for you to find a job. Anything from your college career office to college job sites can be very useful, you can also go seek advice from professionals in your field.


If you need a little more help read these guidelines to finding your very first job straight out of college.

  1. The earlier you can start your search the better

Even if you haven’t received your diploma doesn’t meaan you can’t start your quest on a job search. As soon as you get into college you should immediately start to build your network. Begin by researching different industries you’re interested in, build relationships with alumni and ask advisors for information.

  1. Line up internships

Employers look for graduates that have experience. If you didn’t do internships during college, don’t panic you can still land your dream job while you take a part time job and build the necessary experience.

  1. Build your social media presence

Social media is the best way for you to attract employers as well as clients. Build a polished presence so you can show off your professional assets and impress possible employers. Avoid mixing your professional account with personal things or create a separate personal account and keep it private.

  1. Prepare for the interviews

The most common mistakes that you could make is waiting last minute to prepare for an interview. It’s not enough for you to prepare an outstanding resume, you have to convince them personally that you are what they are looking for. Research the job you’re applying for, and practice by preparing answers to common interview questions.

  1. Stay alert for job postings

Don’t worry if you didn’t get the job you wanted, every job that you acquire will give you experience and skills. Keep searching and make it a habit for youself to check job openings online every day. You could monitor an employer’s social media or a company’s web page to see if there are positions opening up.


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