Tips on attending a job fair and getting the best out of it!

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For those of you who might not know, a college career fair is an event that takes place on a college campus or off campus where students and alumni have the chance to connect and interact with potential employers. Some people find that this is an awkward situation where you have to compete with other students to get the attention of arranged employers. Others find that this is a great opportunity to make the right connections and launch your career even before graduation.


Usually, at these events the employers are arranged in booths or tables where there is an exchange of personal and professional information. Organizations usually attend these college job fair as an opportunity to collect potential employees for internships, summer jobs or future job openings.

Follow these tips so you can steal the attention of employers

Arrive early

If you arrive early before the venue is crowded you will get noticed by more people and you’ll get the chance to connect to the employers you prioritize the most.

Prepare a small speech

Memorize a small 30 second speech so you won’t hesitate when introducing yourself. Come up with 5 reasons why you add value to the companies you’re interested in. In this short speech highlight your experiences, skills, and strengths that would make you desirable for that specific company.

Analyze the employers that will be present

Your school website or the job fair sponsors will have information about the organizations that will attend the event. Have in mind which employers you are a good match for your interests, and learn as much as you can about them so you can be prepared when the occasion comes.

Don’t just focus on big companies

Unknown employers that are just starting out have a far less competitive employment scenario, so they offer better opportunities for students and recent graduates.

Maintain a good appearance in and out

Not only will dressing nicely and having a clean appearance have an effect on the impression you make, you should also try having an energetic and candid attitude towards everyone you meet.

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