Write the perfect MBA essay Business Schools can’t reject!

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You can have all the correct preparation but if your essay is flunking your chances of getting into business school can really decrease. Essays are one of the most decisive parts of the process. You should really see it as a way to make a personal statement and show what you can offer to their program. What seem to be straightforward questions require a lot of dedication and studied approach. Try these tips and guidelines so you can navigate smoothly through every line of your essay and win yourself an acceptance letter.



Do some studying about the MBA School you plan on joining, view the website, students, and learning system. Gather reasons why you would be a great student and convey this message through the essay.

Make it personal

Remember the person who is going to be reading your essay has no idea who you are, but you have to change that within a few lines before he or she gets bored and moves to the next paper waiting. Even though who you are cannot be explained in a few words and requires a heavy and complex explanation, avoid getting off topic and focus on showing your potential and what sets you apart.

Transmit emotion

Admission officers don’t want to hear about the time you went to Paris or met the president, they are tired of that. When talking about big moments in your life use it as an opportunity to show how that made you a bigger person and a better professional.

Talk about your accomplishments the right way

Experience is priceless, although you shouldn’t brag about your success it still is an important part of showing your potential. Talk about leadership, dreams goals you accomplished, Also include how your mindset sets you apart and the difference you plan on making in the world.

Your interest in MBA

Don’t just tell them, make them BELIEVE you are a great candidate. Convince them that you are determined to achieve the graduate business degree and how you will put in practice and enrich others with the leadership skills you will obtain from that program




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